6 in 1 FTTH Splice Fiber Optic Stripping Tool Kits + Power Meter Fiber Cutter

6 in 1 FTTH Splice Fiber Optic Stripping Tool Kits + Power Meter Fiber Cutter

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Features:    Optical Power Meter

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Optical Power Meter
Calibration wavelength: 800 ~ 1700nm
Measuring range: -70 ~ +3dBm
Linearity: 0.01dB
Display resolution: 0.01dB
Wave ID: 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 nm
Power Adapter: 9V/1000mA
Working time: 40h
Working temperature: -10 ~ 60 centigrade
Storage temperature: -25 ~ 70 Celsius
Power Supply: 3 x AA Battery (Not Included)
Fiber Cleaver FC-6S
Fiber diameter: 125um
Coating diameter: 250um – 900um
Typical splitter angle: 0.5 degrees
Adjust the peeling length is: 5~20mm
Length of the slit: 10mm
Blade Lifetime: 36,000 columns (3,000 per blade position)
Visual Fault Location
Wavelength: 630- 670nm
Output power: <1mW
Dynamic distance: <5km
Connection: 2.5mm universal plug
Power supply: 2 x AA Battery (Not Included)
Operating temperature: -10 – + 50 &deg; C, <90 rh
CFS-2 Fiber Stripper
250 um coated layer of 125 um fiber with A.
Opening the top of the B. 1.98mm can be used for stripping fiber outer sheath
The open hole of the type V and 140 um on the edge of the
Clamp can be used to strip the 250 um layer of 125 um fiber
Jaw factory has been adjusted, shall not be adjusted
Will not damage the fiber
A ll the cutting cross section has precise mechanical tolerances to ensure a clean and smooth operation
According to the handle ergonomic design, comfort grip
Does not use the blade, locked in a closed state
Wire Stripper
The use of temperature is -20 &deg; C ~ 50 &deg;C
Factory pre-set, no need to adjust this stripper again to prevent fiber scratch; cutting blade precision positioning, quenching and tempering treatment, anti-rust primer.
If not use, set the blade lock in the closed state.
For stripping 250 micron buffer coating to expose 125 micron cladded fiber
Second hole for stripping 2-3mm fiber jackets
140 &mu;m diameter hole and V-opening in blade allows removal of 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron fiber
Pre-set at the factory – no adjustments needed
Will not scratch or nick glass fiber
All stripping surfaces are manufactured to precise tolerances to assure clean, smooth strips
Comfort-grip, ergonomic handles
Package includes: 
1 x Optical Power Meter
1 x Fiber Cleaver FC-6S
1 x Fiber Optic Stripper CFS-2
1 x Fiber Optic Stripping Tool Plier
1 x 1Mw Visual Fault Locator
1 x Fixed-length Fiber Optic Wire Stripping
1 x Hanging Rope
1 x Large Carry Bag
1 x Small Pouch
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